12 - 14 OCTOBER 2020

Riyadh International Convention Center KSA


Our team has compiled a short guide to help you make the most of your trip and enjoy the top attractions Riyadh has to offer.

Kingdom Centre Tower

The Kingdom Centre Tower is a unique landmark, standing 300 meters tall and overlooking the city of Riyadh.

National Museum

Under the Gate DIFC

The history of Islam is the major focus of this museum, which consists of 10 galleries, courtyards and a section that houses fancy cars and other belongings of the founding king of Saudi Arabia.

Al Masmak Fortress

GIza Pyramids

This renovated 19th-century mud fortress looks like a giant sandcastle, and contains costumes, handicrafts, a sitting room, a courtyard and a well.

Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

Khan Al Khalil

The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in Riyadh and considered as an architectural marvel and one of the most significant Islamic institutions in the city.

King Abdullah Park

Ramses Train Station

King Abdullah Park is one of Riyadh’s cleanest and best maintained parks. There are several green lawns, wide pathways for jogging and cycling, a large play area for kids, an auditorium for events and an artificial lake with an evening fountain show.